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Pat's Pictures (part 5) -- Melanie in Charlotte, NC and Largo, FL
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The Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC (2 August 2003)

Melanie with me after the show.

Melanie talking to Wendy on the phone

Beau relaxing after the show.

Peter the Great (candid shot).

Wilma from the Netherlands.

Set list from the concert (page 1).

Set list from the concert (page 2).

The Largo Cultural Center, Largo, FL (27 September 2003)

Melanie singing out (as only she can).

More of Melanie singing.

Beau getting down on the guitar.

Melanie in available light.

Beau, Leilah, Christianah, and Melanie.

Leilah and Christianah.
After the Concert (A strange camera problem caused the left third of most of my pictures to be cut off on this roll.)

Melanie and Kari.

Melanie and Kari talking.

Melanie and Wendy.

Melanie and Desi (Wendy's husband).

Melanie and Dean (from Charlotte).

Debra giving something to Melanie.

Andrew Jason and Wendy relaxing after the show.

Melanie with me (sigh... the camera problem cut most of me off).
Pictures from the dinner before the concert

Wendy and Desi.

Jim B. and Kari.

Ed, Michael, and Dean.

Ed and Dean with Wendy, holding the T-shirt they made for her.

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