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Important Notice for AOL Users
    If you are on AOL,  and you use an AOL-supplied browser, you should know that there are two things your browser may do to severely limit your ability to enjoy the pictures on my pages. These are:
  • Image compression. In an attempt to provide faster download time, the AOL browser may compress images. This results in reduced resolution. That is, the picture will not appear as sharp as it actually is.
  • Image size restriction. Your browser may restrict the size of an image to 640x480 pixels which may distort the picture. This problem is related to the first one, because of a bug in the image compression software in some versions of AOL.
If you have AOL version 4 or above, you can fix the problem by following these steps.
  1. Click on My AOL at the top of your screen.
  2. Click on Prererences.
  3. Click on the blue icon that has a yellow W in it, and WWW under it.
  4. Click on the Web Graphics tab.
  5. Make sure the box that says "Use compressed graphics" is NOT checked.
This will fix images on future sites you visit, but sites you have already visited may still come up fuzzy the next time you view them. To fix this:
  1. Click on the General tab.
  2. Look for "Temporory Internet Files", and click the Delete Files button beside it.
You should now be able to enjoy internet pictures the way they were meant to be seen.
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