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Pat's Pictures (part 4) -- The South Florida Folk Festival
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The South Florida Folk Festival (13 and 14 January 2001)

Beau and Melanie at the songwriting workshop.*

Also from the songwriting workshop.

Beau, Melanie, and Joel Rafael.

Beau and Melanie on the main stage.

More of the main stage show, with Billy Jonas on home-made drums.

Drummer Jeff Berkley plays with Beau and Melanie.**

The Magic Lady sings.
More pictures below.

Festival program, autographed by Melanie.#
Kate Long (with Robin Kessinger on guitar).##

Kate Long again.
*I don't know what caused the glare in this picture.
**Jeff is a member of Joel Rafael's band.
#The autograph says, "To Pat love Janis -- oh I mean Melanie." I was wearing a Janis Joplin T-shirt.
##Kate Long was one of the other performers I liked.

Andrew Jason's festival pictures...
Including me, on stage. I was probably out of my league here, but it sure was fun!

Beau and Melanie at the songwriting workshop.

That's me, under the end of Beau's guitar.

Me again (2nd backup from the left). Nick Jason is to the right of me (on my left).

Other backup singers.*
*Starting with the woman in white are (left to right) Carey (friend of Nick), Jamaica Rafael, Joel Rafael, and Chris Chandler. I'll post the other's names if I find out who they are.
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