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Pat's Pictures (part 3) -- The St Augustine concert
The Turning Point Christmas concert
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The St Augustine Concert (3 November 2000)

Sunny St. Augustine (the hotel across from mine.

A sign advertising Melanie!

Insanitee's, one of the event's sponsors.

The concert took place here.

Melanie and Beau singing, and the drummer doing his thing.

Everybody's happy ('cept the drummer?).

Kids enjoying the show.

And yes, I was there!

One more time!

Debra and Kathy with Melanie.

What's Melanie saying that's so interesting?

The "illustrated women". Debra and a local tattoo artist with Melanie.

And I had to have my picture with Debra and her famous Melanie tattoo, too.

Me and Beau.
The Turning Point Christmas concert (11 December 2000)

The Turning Point, lit up for Christmas

The set list, on the stage floor (She did a lot more songs!)

Beau and Melanie on stage (available light)

Beau and Melanie on stage (with flash)

Melanie singing out, in her coat of many colors

Beau playing one of his instrumental songs

Me and Melanie after the show

Paula and Chris talk to Melanie

Matthew and Carl with Melanie

Paula with Peter Schekeryk

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