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Pat's Pictures (part 2) -- The Borders Concert
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The Borders Concert (4 March 2000)

Wendy and Maryam in Florida.

Just inside the front door at Borders.

The Borders Waterfront area. The 3 Melateers?

Maryam and Wendy are ready for the show.

Leilah, Beau, and Jeordie getting ready.

Safka opens the show.

Beau singing his Angel song.

Some of the people not in the front row.

Melanie and Beau getting ready for her part.

Does this guitar chord have to be this way?

This is what we came for -- Melanie singing!

Melanie with the Minnie hat on.

Wendy discussing a picture with Melanie, which she autographed.

Melanie Record Live CD (pre-release demo), signed at the concert.

Stoneground Words picture, signed at the concert.
Pictures supplied by Andrew Jason (taken by his brother).

Me showing something to Melanie.

Group shot: Andrew, Wendy, Pat, and Maryam

After he said, "Look Friendly"

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