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Pat's Pictures -- Melanie's Birthday Bash and Pat's Memorabilia
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Melanie's Birthday Bash (5 February 1999)

Melanie's place -- where it all happened.

Melanie's sign.

Safka opened the show.

Then it was Melanie's turn.

Melanie was in top form!

The kids joined in.

If you recognize yourself here, please let me know.

Leilah's daughter, Christianah.
Mommy, can I play with this?

Having fun on stage.

At this age, it's ok to eat on stage.

Melanie with a picture of herself at Woodstock. Also, part of the "Memory Wall."

More of the "Memory Wall."

My moment of glory, and I was caught with my eyes closed!

Patti Petow (right) and her friend Roni Stonecipher. Patti helped make it possible.
Pat's Memorabilia

Glass from Melanie's Restaurant/Coffee House (click to see 3 views)

Poster announcing the release of "Freedom Knows My Name"

"Precious Cargo" Poster

"Precious Cargo" CD insert (signed at the Clearwater conert, 15-Jan-1999)

"Gather Me" album cover (signed at the Birthday Bash, 5-Feb-1999)

An "official" photo from a few years ago (thanks, Paula)

An article about Melanie from Discoveries Magazine, Jan. 1990

The set list from the Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC, 2003.

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