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Pictures from concerts, and other personal pictures
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 Debra's photos from the St. Augustine concert (3 November 2000)

Melanie talking on stage.

Beau singing on stage.

Melanie and Beau doing their thing.

Debra's picture of me with Melanie.

Debra (and her famous tattoo) with Melanie.

Debra and Kathy with Beau.

Beau and Kathy with Debra's car plate, after Melanie autographed it.

Andrew's pictures from the Main Street Cafe (24 February 2001)

Joining Beau and Melanie on stage are Mark Simpson and Carrie Lynn.

Laura (from Pathfinder) joins Beau, Melanie, and Carrie. Peter's in the lower rt.corner.

Beau doing his usual excellent guitar work.

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