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A Tribute to Melanie Safka
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"Not Just Another Pretty Face"
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Updated 3 February 2005
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Who is Melanie?
Melanie's Picture Gallery
Melanie's Picture Gallery. See a visual history of Melanie's career through the years, as portrayed by her album covers, concert photos, and other pictures.Click me!
Melanie's News
Melanie's News. Read the latest news about Melanie,
and about changes to this site. And (New!) Concert reviews.
Melanie's Appearances
Melanie's Appearances. Where and when Melanie
will be performing.
Melanie's Discussion List
Melanie's Email Discussion List. Discuss Melanie's
music with other fans online.
Melanie's Music
Melanie's Music. Musical suggestions for the new Melanie fan, where to find her music, and a Real Audio clip of one of her songs.
Melanie's Discography
Melanie's Discography. This links to the discography on J. N. Dijkhuis' site. Be sure to visit the rest of his site (see Melanie's Links). Use the Back button of your browser to get back here. For CD track listings, try the CD Database.
Melanie's Links
Melanie's Links. Links to several other Melanie sites on the web, with biographies and other info, pictures, audio, and other features. Web Rings are also on this page.

To "Beauty And The Beast" (tv show) fans
Welcome to a page dedicated to the author of the Emmy Award winning lyrics to "The First Time I Loved Forever". That's only one example of Melanie's fine work. She has been writing beautiful songs (both music and lyrics) from 1967 to the present day.

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