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Little Wendy

Wendy -- Easter
(not sure which year)

Wendy Beth Fournier -- 1959

Wendy -- 5th birthday 1960

Wendy -- Easter 1961

Easter 1961 (windy)

Alan, Bruce and David (in
front) -- Easter 1961

Gary, Bruce, David, and Alan
Family reunion 1997

Bobbie Jo, Dad, and Wendy

Back row: Alan, Terri, Dad, Gary
and Shelley. Front row: Wendy,
David and Bruce.*

David, Terry, Alan, Bruce, Gary, Michelle, Wendy


Proud Mom Bobbie Jo
with Amber Rose and David

Bobbie Jo with little Amber Rose

My brother Bruce and his
first grandchild, Amber Rose

Amber Rose

*The red is ink on the picture.

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