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Most of you know that I am a big fan of MELANIE. I wanted to write a few things about her so that it will help you understand why. If I sing a few bars of Brand New Key ( I got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key) everybody says "Oh her!"  Well she is so much more than that. I've been listening to her music since 1970. Her music has brought me through some difficult times. I try to honor her music by using the name Babyday which is a very beautiful song.  She never has gotten the recognition I believe she deserves. I lost her in the 80's. And until I got online I had no clue where she was, if she was still singing etc. Being on the internet gave me access to so much information. I now belong to two discussion groups of Melanie fans. Its so great to be able to talk to them because we all find such joy in her music. I've made quite a few friends and even have finally made a dream come true and saw Melanie live in her best singing voice March 4th, 2000.  She has 3 children. All of whom are musically talented. They have their own group called SAFKA which is named for their mother Melanie. I'm putting some pictures from the concert on here so that you can see for yourselves what I saw! Someday I will have the capability to put music to my web site. So when you log on Babyday will automatically play. Enjoy! -Wendy

Lyrics to the song Babyday (click to read)

Maryam, Pat and me in Florida

Melanie singing at the concert

Melanie's daughters, Leilah and Jeordie

Melanie's son, Beau-Jarred

I really was there, and got to talk to Melanie!

Wendy's Melanie kitchen poster

Want to see more concert pics? Go to Pat's pictures of the concert.

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